• Audit of Financial Statements – Examination or limited review of the financial statements, aiming at the issuance of a report in accordance with professional compliance.
  • Operational Audit – Evaluation of the internal control procedures on the main operations of the company, in order to guarantee the systems’ level of security, recommending modifications to improve the current controls when necessary.
  • Systems Audit – Evaluation of the computer environment and operating systems, in order to verify the implemented processes and controls’ efficiency, to ensure the correct processing, accounting and management of all transactions.
  • Support for Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions (Due Diligence) – Examination of the financial statements for the purpose of acquisitions, divestments of mergers, mergers, partial and total splits and corporate reorganizations, as well as the issuance of an equity valuation report.
  • Internal Audit – Outsourcing of internal audit work, offering greater efficiency and independence in meeting the objectives of the department, with potential cost reduction.
  • Other Services – Special examinations to verify compliance with contractual clauses or specific agreements. Monitoring of physical inventories of inventories.